"I wish to stay with the freaks"   -Brooklyn Bumblebee,  Coney Island  2009   

"With Astroland gone,  we cannot return old-school amusement to Coney Island...
but fate has yielded its reward:   a new Mermaid Parade every year"

Brooklyn Bumblebee version 1 
at the 2009 Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Hey,  it was only rain!
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"Freedom of expression is the right of all sentient beings..."

"The Shot" photo:   Pablo 57 / Pablo Jonsey                Thanks!
That's the Coney Island boardwalk...and the old Parachute Jump in the background!

Bee's mission:   make 'em smile!
     I'm smiling back!

Brooklyn Bumblebee has been completely rebuilt for 2011:
 much more detail,  he's all-robot,  heavily armed,  and ready!


    Listen to Transformers:  The Score by Steve Jablonsky

Installed after 1 year ... better late than never!