"I wish to stay with the freaks"   -Brooklyn Bumblebee,  Coney Island  2009   
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What came before Brooklyn Bumblebee...and what comes next...

Please continue to send your photos of Brooklyn Bumblebee to:
PeterKokis@verizon.net  and call   c.  718 219-1249
Thanks for all of your great photos!      

a jerk started it all,  in 2007:     www.SquidBoyProtects.com

squid-transformed,  a leader arrived in 2008:      www.OptimusSquid.com

Coney boardwalk,  July 4th, 2009                     - Mari Lowery

and...   a leader returned in 2010:

         Version 3,  Sept. 2010                                                                         - Eileen Zolkos

check out:   
www.OptimusProtects.com for the 2010 Parade


Version 6,  July 2011    - Alan Camuto,  NegativePop.com

Brooklyn Optimus Prime - Cosplayer & Performance Artist
Peter Kokis'  detailed creation -  began appearing around NYC
and the Northeastern U.S. in the summer & fall of 2010.
B-Prime will be staying around,  leading his team.

Brooklyn Bumblebee version 2 - more detailed and complex
than ever - has arrived.   He protected the 2011 Mermaid Parade.

Version 2,  May 2011                  - Aisha Joseph

A brave soldier returns:    www.BrooklynBumblebee.com

Protecting the 2011 Mermaid Parade:   www.BumblebeeParade.com

                  August 2011                         - Elvin Correano                 
no pity,  no remorse,  no fear:     www.BrooklynTerminator.com

Nov  2011                                                          - Eileen Zolkos
None tougher,  a hero lives on:     www.BrooklynIronhide.com

Mr. Sunshine,  see you all summer...please!

                                                                                    Listen to Transformers:  The Score by Steve Jablonsky